Growing in Early Childhood Education

Program Options

Zion offers a wide-range of options for our preschool families. Choose a full-day or half-day preschool program and attend anywhere from one day to five days (Monday-Friday). You may pick and choose the days that work best for your family’s schedule!


Research proves it! Young children learn best through play and individualized experiences. At Zion, teachers provide play-based education and personalized experiences for each student. Zion’s preschool uses a curriculum called The Creative Curriculum. It is a comprehensive, research-based curriculum that features inquiry, exploration, and discovery as the foundation for all learning. The curriculum is organized around various learning centers, so teachers are able to guide each child’s learning according to their unique development and needs. All of this is taught in light of and with a focus on what God tells us in His Word.

Caring, Dedicated Teachers

Our early childhood program is run by educators who care. Our lead teacher and preschool director is Mrs. Maddie Monday, who has a Bachelor’s degree in Education, a passion for her field, and a genuine heart for her students’ academic, social, emotional, and spiritual growth. Zion’s program not only has caring teachers, but wonderful, caring teacher’s assistants who share the same love and passion for each student. Please contact Mrs. Monday for more information or with questions at

What does a day in our early childhood look like?

9:15-9:30Clean Up Time
9:30-10:00Circle Time
10:00-10:15Small Group
10:15-10:30Jesus’ Time
10:30-10:50Snack Time/Bathrooms
10:50-11:20Outside Time
11:30-11:30AM Dismissal
11:30-12:15Lunch Time
12:30-12:45Story Time
12:45-1:15Rest Time
2:00-2:15Circle Time
2:15-2:30Small Group
2:30-2:45Jesus’ Time
2:45-3:10Snack Time/Bathrooms
3:10-3:30Outside Time/PM Dismissal

Come Grow With Us!

The best way to see if our preschool is right for your child and your family is to come visit us. Meet our preschool director, tour our classroom, and ask all your questions about curriculum, activities, programs and support.